Saturday, January 28, 2012

No-Slip Hangers - Crochet

Ok, I hope some of you share my frustrations in your clothes "slipping" off of the hangers.  Some clothes just refuse to be hung up!  Especially boat/scoop necks or cardigans that don't button, ect.  Even with the hook things that are on the plastic hangers, my clothes still seem to slip off the hanger or get wrinkled where I have forced them to stay crammed inside the little hook thing. 

My mom, sister and I all share the same love of crocheting and of course think that any problem can be solved by crocheting something to "fix" it.  Which leads me mom shared with me an awesome little trick to keep the clothes from "slipping".  My mom didn't invent this concept, but I have to give her all the credit for coming up with the pattern and figuring out how to do it!  Thanks Mom!!!! :)

This is what you need to start: Any crochet yarn, a plastic hanger (I used one that didn't have the little hangy things on it, a wire hanger can be used as well), crochet hook size H/8, large sewing needle. 

Pattern --->
Chain 110 (for plastic hanger, it would be a few less for a wire hanger).
Row 1: sc in third chain from hook, sc in each chain across.
Row 2: chain two, turn, sc in each chain across.
Row 3-4: repeat row 2. 

Your finished product should look like the pic above.

When finishing off, leave a tail long enough to sew it around the hanger.  About as long as your row of sc.   Note: Make sure it is long enough.  If you think it's too long then its just about right.  Better too much than not enough!

Wrap one end around the top of the hanger (close to the "hook" of the top). Using the large sewing needle and the "tail" of yarn, sew the beginning row to the last row.  This secures it around the hanger and "wraps" the hanger. 
Continue sewing the two rows together until the hanger is covered. When you reach the other side of the hanger by the "hook" sew the two ends together to cover the top of the hanger.

Weave in the ends.  Your done!  No more clothes slipping off the hanger!  :)


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