Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Did I Know...

I was encouraged in the last couple of days by a Facebook post of all things. I know…right? A friend posted a status update that encouraged me. The best part? She has no clue! Isn’t it great, amazing and heartwarming how God can use absolutely anything or another person to encourage us or send us a message? Gives me the warm fuzzy feeling….ha.
Anyways, my friend posted about how a decision she made a few years back, that seemed to be a very hard decision at the time, had led her to the place she is in life today. Little did she know…
I am in a place in my life where God is asking me to be patient and wait. I won’t lie ITS HARD! And I don’t understand it at all. Buuuut I know that I don’t have to understand, all I have to do is trust. And yes, there are days that I flat out don’t want to trust. Nope, not doing it today (arms crossed). I am going to feel sorry for myself today. I want to make things happen my way and in my timing. After all, I’ve got it all planned out perfectly..right?
“Come on God can’t you see that this way would work, or that way?? I want that!!!!”
Who in the world do I think I am….seriously?? How many times have I tried it my way and it didn’t work?
I can see God thinking, “That silly girl, I have great things planned for her, won’t she be surprised at what I have planned?” 
The picture that comes to mind is of a child when their mom or dad has just come home for the day. The child has made something for mom/dad and has waited all day with excitement for the “reveal”. They CANNOT wait for them to see what they have for them. They stand at the door jumping up and down with pure excitement and constant jabber, urging mom or dad to come see. Or they are waiting oh so patiently, swarming around mom/dad - kind of like a kitten who wants to be petted does around your feet - waiting for them to discover what great treasure is awaiting them. Not wanting to just blurt it out and ruin the surprise.
A silly picture? Maybe. But it makes me smile. I  see God “making things” for us, caring enough to take the time to “make” something, and then waiting expectantly, excitedly for our reaction of joy. Meanwhile, we have no clue that he is “making” something for us. We think that he has forgotten us. Then BAM! Surprise! It’s like it was building all around us the whole time and we were clueless. 
We all know…waiting for anything is hard. But I know that when I am looking back on the situation (whatever direction it takes), I then will be saying “It was soooooo worth it to be patient!” I would like to think that I will be one of those ladies years from now saying to a younger lady (like I have ladies telling me now), “It’s worth the wait sweetheart, trust me! I was where you are. I  know, I know, it’s hard but wait on Him! He will be glorified because of it!” 
I want to have one of those “Little did I know…” stories.
If you are in one of those seasons of life where you are waiting, whatever the situation might be, nothing makes sense, it didn’t turn out like you had planned, I encourage you, do not give up, do not lose faith, do not get angry with God!  Now, I know that “someday” seems like it will never come for some of us. And with each year that ticks by it seems more and more impossible (Did you forget that anything is possible with God?). I have complete faith in God who is true to his promises and will never leave us or forsake us. Who knows, the situation might not turn out the way I am hoping.  But I know that whatever the outcome, as long as I keep my focus on Christ, He will work things together for my good.  It will be good whether it goes the way I want or not.  After all, it's not about what I can "get" from God but totally all about surrender to Him and His plans so that He can work through me so that He is glorified.
I see the examples that God shows me of others who have “Little did I know…” stories. I don’t compare my story to theirs because I know mine will be different, but I just know that their story is proof that God is true to his promises and that he IS constantly at work.
Tomorrow might be one of those – Nope, not doing it today (arms crossed) kind of days. But I know that God will send me something (like a Facebook post) to get my perspective back where it needs to be....on God, seeing the situation through His eyes not mine.  And instead of saying "Why God?" saying "Ok, how can I glorify you today God, right now, in this moment?"
To my friend who wrote the post - Thank you for the encouragement!
Let's strive to wait patiently and joyfully on our
“Little did I know…” stories.

Monday, September 3, 2012

T-shirt to Skirt

Happy Labor Day!
I decided to dust off my sewing machine this weekend...the result? Projects completed!  Yay!
This one is by far my favorite.  A men's XL tshirt is made into a super comfy skirt. 

Here is the tutorial:
I was a little intimidated by the "shirring", but it is easy!  Walmart has a great selection of colors of tshirts.  I have grey and coral color ones that are waiting to be made!  I might possibly end up with one in every color!! :)  And like she says in the post, thrift stores are great places to find cheap tshirts.