Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fabric "Art"

My hope for this summer was to get my second bedroom transformed into an "office".  Well, it hasn't completely happened yet.  But I am making progress!  I am just soooo slow at picking things out.

I created this fabric "art", last weekend.  I found the fabric at walmart a few weeks ago and it was exactly the colors I am going for. 

Frames: I already had these (I used 3) 8x10 frames with mattes that were hiding in a box.  I love that they are not all identical, adds some fun.
Fabric:  Found these at walmart.  Love'em!

First, iron your fabric, to get rid of all the fold lines. Using Magic Sizing makes this part a breeze!

Place the matte on the fabric.  If you are a perfectionist, you can trace around the matte and then cut it to size.  In this case I was not....I roughly cut around the matte, making it a smidge smaller so it would fit flat in the frame. 

Assemble it in the frame. Hang on wall (or wherever).

And there you go!  That's it!  Instant gratification...almost. :)

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