Friday, March 2, 2012

Earring Hanger Project

I made this a while back to hang my earrings and necklaces on. I started with making the earring hanger and eventually added the hooks for the necklaces.  I am thinking about adding knobs to the bottom of the picture frames to hang the necklaces on and getting rid of the hooks below....just thinking. 

I used two old 8x10 picture frames that I had and painted them white.  I took a few pieces of picture hanging wire (double the length of the width of the frame  - when twisted, long enough to reach from side to side of the frame on the back.) twisted the wire together to made one wire and then attached it with a staple gun to the back of the frame. And repeated that for each wire.  I just spaced them out to match what earrings I have.  
The hooks are "key hangers" from Target, mounted on the wall.

It was a good weekend project. :)

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  1. Sadie wanted to know if she could have one of these too. LOL So I guess that will be my next project for her. Gotta figure out something else for Macky. =/