Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cooking Creme

This week I didn't cook a new meal completely, but I did try something new.  I tried the new Philadelphia "Cooking Creme".  I had seen this advertised, and decided to try it out.  The things I liked about it were that it was super quick, easy and is sooo versatile.  I mean really, you can add it to just about anything - or add just about anything to it, just let your inner chef come out. :) 

The only con was that it didn't have much flavor.  I guess I should say that it had flavor, just not enough for my liking.  It smelled awesome while it was cooking though (that's a pro not a con).  I semi-copied the recipe on the back of the container an added some additional seasonings (garlic powder, salt, italian seasoning) to it for more flavor.  Overall, it was good, quick and easy.  Definitely worth trying out the other flavor's. 

I started with this: About a cup (dry) of cooked and drained pasta ( I used garden rotini). 1 chicken breast cooked and cut into bite size pieces, half of a green bell pepper, sliced. 

Added about half of the container of the Creamy Pesto Philadelphia Cooking Creme.  I also added a splash of milk because it was a little thick (and the recipe on the back said to if it was thick..ha). Cooked it for a few minutes, just long enough to heat thoroughly.

Add this was the result!

This made enough for me for a couple of meals. 

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  1. I used the Creamy Italian one and the kids loved it!!!!!! I couldn't believe how fast they ate it up. I used bite sized chicken, noodles, mixed veggies and the cream. I really didn't think the kids would eat it but they gobbled it up fast!! LOL