Friday, April 13, 2012


“I am thankful for my thumbs.”
Yes, I just said I am thankful for my thumbs. After a few days into not being able to use of one of them, which happened to conveniently be on my right hand (and I’m right handed), I found myself thinking this morning as I was getting ready for work “Thank you God for my thumbs!”
Ha….then I realized how silly that sounds. J
And also how silly it might be to blog about it.
But in all seriousness, it is something we take for granted. You don’t realize how much your thumbs do for you until you can’t use them. I can’t write (at least not legibly), it takes twice as long to fix my hair using my left hand, I can’t open a jar, grip a fork. I can’t pick up anything heavy, and texting, oh my, so much slower when you are using only one thumb (said sarcastically). I can’t unlock my door or turn the knob with my right hand, I have to turn the ignition on my car with my left hand, pouring a cup of coffee with your non-dominant hand, wow, awkward. I can’t properly use a stapler. And…..the list just goes on and on. Basically, I can’t firmly grip anything using my right hand.
Hence why in my frustration I found myself saying “Thank you God for my thumbs!”
I suppose I should tell you why I can’t use my thumb, or I could just leave you wondering. J I nearly cut my right thumb off a few days ago, who knew doing dishes (washing a glass) could be so dangerous? Another reason why doing dishes is my least favorite chore. Ha.
So my thankfulness for my thumbs led me to thinking about how much in life I take for granted big and small things, and how much I have been blessed. Yes, I have been blessed because I have two fully functional thumbs…usually. Think about it. So, many things we take for granted, especially the things we don’t miss until we don’t have them. We all do it.
So, today……THANK YOU God for my thumbs! J
(See, there is “Some(thing) Beautiful” in every day and always something to be thankful for.) Try finding some little thing (or at least seems little until you can’t use it) - to be thankful for.
It will change your attitude for the rest of the day. 


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